December 31, 2020

Together, we are stronger than Brexit

For friends across our diverse and beautiful continent who value European cooperation, today is a sad day.

In the UK we have seen the triumph of a narrow nationalism, the very same sort of nationalism that led to centuries of war. The European Union was built on the ashes of the last war and in the clear understanding that we must make and remake peace in every generation. We restate our determination to keep the flame of peace alive and to challenge nationalism and prejudice in our continent and across the world.

Together we have built a strong and prosperous Europe with stronger climate action, better environmental protection and higher standards at work than anywhere else in the world. We commit to defending and raising these standards in 2021 and in the future.

The day the UK left the European Union was marked by sadness but a light was left on at the European Parliament and it still burns brightly.

We believe that the British experiment in isolationalism will be short-lived and that the UK will return to the heart of Europe and to membership of the EU.

Until that happens we pledge to cherish our European identity and our European friendships.

Together, we are stronger than Brexit.


Molly Scott-Cato and Terry Reintke