visitor groups

Visit to Brussels?

Every Member of the European Parliament has the possibility to invite groups of visitors to the European Parliament in Brussels – there are different ways how you can plan a visit to Brussels:


1. Official visitor groups

Each MEP has a quota of five visitor groups per year and a total of 110 people. As this is very popular (which we are very happy about), we usually plan our quota already in the previous year and are already fully booked for the current year. Requests for subsequent years or inquiries are welcome by email to


An official visitor trip includes

  • a lecture by the visitors’ service
  • a meeting with Terry, and
  • if interested and possible, a visit to a committee meeting.

The European Parliament pays per person a travel allowance depending on the place of residence, an accommodation allowance of 60,00 € and a catering allowance of 40,00 € per person. Depending on which form of transport or overnight stay is chosen, a personal contribution may therefore be incurred.

The settlement for this will be made through the European Parliament, which will send the necessary information after registration.


What else has to be considered:

  • A group must consist of at least 10 people. We would like our groups to have about 20 people as a guideline.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to organize a visit to Strasbourg through Terry. However, if you are interested, please feel free to contact the Parliament’s Visitor Services directly via Email.
  • There is no fully organized program through the European Parliament in Brussels. We will be happy to help you with the preparations for your visit to the Parliament and give you further tips for the city. However, the complete program planning is up to the respective groups.


2. A meeting with Terry in the Parliament

If you don’t need any financial support for your trip, but would like to make an appointment with Terry, this is also possible. If you are interested, please send an email to four months prior to your visit.

We will then check whether a room reservation is possible for the desired date.