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eal emancipatory policies all over Europe are long overdue. As a Member of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, Terry works, among other things, towards more women on boards in politics and the economy as well as gender equality in the fields of the labour market and health services.

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Terry fights for progressive anti-discrimination policies so that no one in Europe can be discriminated because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Everyone has to be able to be and love whoever they want to.

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Actual from Parliament

Europe is not a finalised project that we should adore from the outside. Europe is not a collection of endless contracts and commemoration days. We are Europe. We have to help forming this Europe with curiosity, passion and expertise.

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Social Policies

Progressive social policies strengthen the social solidarity in Europe. Consequently, as a member of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, Terry fights for good labour conditions and strong rights for employees, health and security at the workplace as well as social protection and social security for everyone in Europe.

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Regional Policies

The regional policy of the European Union is an enormous investment machine: One third of the total budget of the EU flows into these funds. This money has to be used in a reasonable, sustainable and social way – in the Ruhr Area, in North Rhine-Westphalia and all over Europe!

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