3. Oktober 2017

Open letter by Molly Scott Cato and Terry Reintke

Facing rapid political demise, UKIP have set their sights on Germany. They
are clearly hoping that by inviting a representative of the far-right AfD Party
to their conference, they can not only resurrect but deepen their brand of
racism and hatred.
The AfD now have significant political representation in the Bundestag for
the first time; a result that UKIP can only dream of, having all but been
wiped out in recent UK elections.
But in a sense, by persuading the Tories to adopt their toxic Brexit narrative,
UKIP have been victorious. And those who question or challenge their Brexit
policy are immediately accused of a lack of patriotism; a classic fascist trope.
The result of the election in Germany, and other advances by the far-right in
France, Austria and elsewhere, reveals that the political consensus that has
secured unprecedented levels of peace within Europe for decades is under
In Germany, for obvious reasons, this lesson is being particularly acutely felt.
The broad agreement on taking responsibility for some of the most horrible
atrocities committed in human history is broken. Since the end of the Second
World War German policy makers promised never to let people who
seriously question the first article of the constitution, on universal human
dignity, get substantial influence ever again. That promise lies shattered.
Now, like never before, Europe must unite, not fragment; we must speak as
one: Not in my name. Never. Defend freedom. Defend democracy. Defend
human rights. Resist!


Molly Scott Cato MEP & Terry Reintke MEP